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Do OnePlus Nord Buds Have Wireless Charging? What You Need To Know

The OnePlus Nord Buds have an impressive spec sheet for only costing $39. But OnePlus did have to make some big sacrifices to make them so affordable.

The OnePlus Nord Buds are trying to reset expectations for what you can get with $39 earbuds — but does that include support for wireless charging? The wireless earbud space has been fascinating to watch over the years — particularly seeing how different tiers of earbuds have evolved. There are the expensive flagship models with every feature under the sun, mid-range ones that offer a premium experience for less cash, and ultra-cheap options whose sole focus is being as affordable as possible.

That third category is where the OnePlus Nord Buds find themselves. The $39 price tag of the Nord Buds suggests that they’re extremely basic earbuds. And while that’s true to some degree, they’re more capable than you might think. For $39, The Nord Buds deliver 12.4mm drivers with ‘rich bass,’ 30-hour battery life, and an IP55 rating for dust/water resistance. Nothing about the spec sheet is mind-blowing, but it’s more than adequate for this price.


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But OnePlus didn’t reach that $39 price tag without making a few compromises. One of the biggest missing features from the Nord Buds is wireless charging support. More expensive earbuds — like AirPods 3, Sony WF-1000XM4, and Galaxy Buds 2 — have Qi wireless charging coils so you can charge them on any wireless charging pad/stand. Unfortunately, the OnePlus Nord Buds do not have wireless charging of any kind.

Why The OnePlus Nord Buds Don’t Have Wireless Charging

OnePlus Nord Buds with sweat on them

If the earbuds mentioned above have wireless charging, why don’t the Nord Buds? It all comes down to price. Those other earbuds do have wireless charging, but they also cost significantly more than the OnePlus Nord Buds. Is it easy to find a pair of wireless earbuds with wireless charging? Certainly. But if you want that functionality, be prepared to spend $100, $200, or potentially more.

What does that mean for you? If you don’t want to spend a penny more than $40, you’ll have to accept that the Nord Buds don’t have wireless charging. While that’s certainly annoying, getting five hours of listening time after 10 minutes of ‘Flash Charging’ is a nice touch to lessen the sting a bit. However, if you absolutely need wireless charging, be prepared to spend a lot more. The Galaxy Buds 2 and OnePlus Buds Pro both retail for $149 and support wireless charging. That’s nearly four times more expensive than the Nord Buds, but that’s the cost of wireless charging. If you need the feature, expect to shell out a lot more cash. But if you’re alright living without wireless charging and are trying to stay on a budget, the OnePlus Nord Buds should serve you well.

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