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15 Underrated Seinfeld Quotes That Are Ridiculously Meme-Worthy

All Seinfeld fans are familiar with the most famous and iconic quotes from the show, from “no soup for you” to “Yadda Yadda Yadda.” But while Jerry and his friends often say lines of dialogue that are so hilarious that they have become part of everyday speech, the characters on this ’90s sitcom also have some quotes that could be considered underrated. While fans have made countless funny memes featuring some of the most famous quotes from this show, there are so many more that could be created.

From Jerry’s commentary on a famous superhero to some funny lines from Kramer and Newman, there are many Seinfeld quotes that are so funny that they would lend themselves perfectly to memes.

Updated on May 13th, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Fans will never grow tired of Seinfeld and the meaningful and silly quotes that are in every single episode. Whether Jerry is joking about Superman, Elaine is frustrated with George, or Kramer is thinking about his life’s purpose, countless quotes from this beloved sitcom would work for memes.

Jerry’s Theory About Superman

“I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humor.”

George with his arm around Jerry in the Seinfeld Pilot

In the season 1 episode “The Stock Tip,” Jerry has an interesting and unique theory about Superman. When he says that this famous figure must be funny, George says he doesn’t say anything hilarious and Jerry says he should have “super humor.”

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Jerry’s joke is cheesy and heartwarming, making it perfect for a meme. Fans could use it when they feel misunderstood because they have an opinion that they think is brilliant but their friends just don’t get it.

Jerry Loves His Answering Machine

“I love my phone machine. I wish I was a phone machine.”

While people might prefer texting to talking on the phone these days, the season 2 episode “The Phone Message” is still hilarious, and Jerry says this underrated quote about wanting to be an answering machine.

Jerry thinks that it would be great to be able to avoid people that he didn’t want to talk to, which is definitely a classic Jerry joke as he finds it tough to deal with people who aren’t his good friends. Jerry’s quote would make a funny and nostalgic meme.

Newman Talking About Vegetables

“I love broccoli. It’s… good for you.”

Wayne Knight as Newman in Seinfeld

The season 8 episode “The Chicken Roaster” involves a silly storyline as Jerry sees Newman ordering broccoli at Kenny Rogers and realizes that Kramer can’t stop eating the chicken. Newman pretends that he’s a big fan of broccoli when Jerry knows that he hates it.

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Newman’s quote would make for a hilarious and relatable meme as so many people try to love vegetables but can’t help struggling to include something green in each meal.

Kramer’s Made Up Word During Scrabble

“Quone. To quone something.”

Kramer talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Some of Kramer’s Seinfeld quotes are funnier now and no matter how many times fans go back and watch this sitcom, there are bound to be some hilarious Kramer lines that stand out.

In the season 1 episode “The Stakeout” Jerry and Kramer are playing Scrabble with Helen and Morty and Helen plays the word “quone.” Kramer says that it’s a real word and that it’s a medical term, and it seems like this quote would lend itself well to a meme of Kramer. The meme would be a great reminder of how silly and wacky Kramer is.

Jerry Talking About Newman

“He’s a mystery wrapped in a Twinkie.”

Newman and Jerry’s rivalry is a famous part of Seinfeld and while the season 6 episode “The Big Salad” is iconic thanks to the large salad that its at the heart of it, it’s also got a funny and underrated Jerry quote.

When Elaine and Jerry are discussing Newman, Jerry comes up with this line, and it would be a perfect meme to describe anything that is confusing and mysterious.

Jerry Having A Tough Time

“I’m freakin’ out! I am freakin’ out!”

George tells Jerry he got engaged in Seinfeld

Jerry’s quote from the season 6 episode “The Diplomat’s Club” would work perfectly for any situation when someone is stressed out or overwhelmed.

Seinfeld fans could use this meme anytime, and it would likely be very popular since there’s always a moment in someone’s day when they get too worried about something and need to take a few deep breaths to calm down and refocus.

Elaine Mentioning The Stink In The Car

“Do I smell something? What am I, hard of smelling? Of course I smell something.”

Elaine subverts the ordering protocol at soup nazi's kitchen in Seinfeld

Fans love Elaine’s best insults on Seinfeld and every episode has at least one memorable quote from this popular character, whether Elaine is discussing her dating life or commenting on the behavior of her funny friends.

Elaine’s joke about being “hard of smelling” from the season 4 episode “The Smelly Car” is totally meme-worthy. Fans would love to use this meme whenever they want to state the obvious.

Kramer Is Comfortable Being Himself

“I’m doing what I do, way I’ve always done and the way I’ll always do it.”

Fans remember when Kramer tries to move to Los Angeles in the season 4 episode “The Trip.” Acting doesn’t work out for him, and before he goes on a rant about how things aren’t going according to plan, he talks about how he lives his life the way that he wants to.

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There are very few Kramer quotes that wouldn’t make for a perfect meme and this one works well as many people can relate to it, especially if they tend to be rebels like Kramer who like being on the outside of traditional society.

George Talking About Art

“It always has to be explained to me, and then I have to have someone explain the explanation.”

George Constanza Seinfeld

While some of George’s Seinfeld quotes aged badly, others still hold up, including when he talks about art in the season 3 episode “The Letter.”

When talking to Jerry, George says “I don’t get art” and then says that it’s too much for him because he doesn’t even understand someone’s explanation of the piece that he’s looking at. Everyone can totally relate to not always knowing what a painting or sculpture is supposed to convey, even if it can feel embarrassing to admit.

Stella Talks To Helen And Mentions Golden Girls

“This better be good. I’m missing Golden Girls for this.”

Helen talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Fans love the season 3 episode “The Pen” because of Elaine hurting her back on the sofa bed, and it’s also got this perfect quote from Stella, a woman living in Florida who Helen doesn’t like.

While Helen might not be a fan, this is a quote that feels like it was made for a meme, especially since someone could create a split image of Helen from Seinfeld and the Golden Girls cast. Everyone can relate to wanting to stay home and watch a favorite show.

Jerry Talks About Presidents With Beards

“Who was the last president to have a beard?”

Jerry and George in Seinfeld

Another great example of a random conversation that Jerry and his friends have, Jerry says this funny quote in the season 8 episode “The Van Buren Boys.”

The rest of the exchange is even more hilarious, as George says it was Nixon and Jerry says a “thick beard” and George makes up a president named Artemis N. Falkmore because he says that it sounds real.

Jerry Makes A Language Joke

“It’s a sculpture of limitations”

Jerry Seinfeld's eponymous show Seinfeld

Jerry often says what people think on Seinfeld, and other times, he becomes reflective and wise as he thinks about a random topic.

In the season 3 episode “The Cafe,” Jerry thinks about the phrase “statute of limitations” and jokes that it could be a “sculpture.” While this is a small scene and not as memorable as some of Jerry’s other quotes, it still sticks out as a quirky statement and it would also be a funny meme.

Elaine Gets Fed Up With George

“George, you’re sappin’ my strength”

Elaine tells off George on Seinfeld

While fans always see the four Seinfeld main characters hanging out together, sometimes Elaine can’t help but be irritated with George and wish that he would be a bit more serious and less goofy.

In the season 4 episode “The Movie,” George and Elaine are in line to buy tickets, and George starts talking about all of the snacks that he wants. Elaine’s quote is memeworthy as this could be used for so many exhausting situations.

Kramer Gets Philosophical

“Look, Jerry, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately I’ve been drifting aimlessly.”

The season 8 episode “The Bizarro Jerry” is a favorite one as Kramer starts working at a company where he has actually never been hired.

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This is a huge deal, as Kramer suddenly wants meaning and purpose in his life when fans know that he has been content to live unconventionally up until now. Kramer’s quote is sweet as he is really concerned about his daily life, but Jerry and fans know that Kramer has always been his own person who does whatever he wants.

Elaine Sympathizes With Jerry

“It’s very hard being a stand-up comedian. Sometimes they don’t laugh!”

Jery and Elaine have the babka argument

After years of friendship, Elaine knows Jerry well and understands the worst part of being a comedian: worrying that audiences won’t laugh or enjoy the material.

Many people would relate to this Seinfeld quote if it was used as a meme, whether they work in the industry or not. Elaine’s words ring true for anyone who loves what they do but sometimes has some tough moments of insecurity.

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